MEEPS is our framework for the purpose, and power of the women of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. It has been an intricate part of our growth and development as an outstanding organization for business and professional women. The three components are Awareness, Advocacy, and Action.

Our National Five Points Program - MEEPS was established to initiate goals and action steps for implementation. Our MEEPS program is consistent with the promotion of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority in our various communities.

M - Membership: Membership is an ongoing goal of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority. Growth is the life of any organization. Gamma Phi Delta Sorority is a membership organization with Graduate and Undergraduate Chapters throughout the United States. (Recruitment, Retention, Reclamation)

E - Education: Reaffirm and promote the right of access to education for all.

E - Economic Development: Support minority and woman-owned business

P - Public Information: Increase awareness and recognition of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority in our community.

S - Social Action: Promote improvement of the quality of life shaped by social conditions.